School Safety

Student safety is our top priority at Montgomery Elementary and we thank you for entrusting your children to our school's care. Together, we can continue to create a broad and superior security network for the safety of our students and staff. 

SCHOOL Safety Contacts

For safety concerns dealing with threats, bullying, violence, harassment, weapons, or drugs, please contact:

Safe School Plan

Each year, we review our emergency protocols and make adjustments as needed. Our Safe School Plan includes comprehensive faculty and staff training in Emergency Response Procedures and Protocols for the following:

  • Emergency Kit for Evacuation/Reunification
  • Accident, Illness, Injury
  • Bomb Threat/ Suspicious Packages
  • Closing of School- Weather and/or Shelter-In-Place
  • Death of a Staff Member/Student or Suicide or Threat at the School
  • Fire
  • Hazardous Material
  • Intruder/Suspicious Person/Hostage
  • Student Disruption/Civil Disturbance
  • Student Runaway/Abduction/ Missing
  • Report of a Weapon/Gunshots Heard
  • Weather (ex. Thunderstorm, Tornado, Earthquake)
  • Utility Emergency (electrical power failure, gas line break or leak, water main or sewer break)
  • Bacteria or Microorganism Threat


SAFEty Protocols

Additional safety protocols that are in place include:

  • Visitor Registry: All visitors have to register with the front office before having access to the building and must display a visitor’s sticker.
  • District Identification Badges: All district and school staff will prominently display district ID badges at all times while at our school.
  • Closed Circuit Television: We utilize numerous digital cameras throughout our school to monitor activity inside and outside the school building.
  • Security Audits: The DCSD staffs certified Safe School Auditors to conduct routine formal audits for all of its schools. These audits are formal in nature and are designed to take a in-depth look at security throughout the campus during the school day. Results of these audit are shared with school leaders and select district staff and are used for additional training of staff.
  • Controlled Access: All exterior doors are kept locked, and the front entrance is remotely controlled and/or monitored. Exterior doors are not propped open for any reason. All classroom doors remain closed and locked at all times.
  • School Resource Officer: We have a School Resource Officer (SRO) assigned to our school to provide security through routine outside monitoring and periodic walkthroughs.
  • Every classroom is equipped with a telephone and panic button in the event of an emergency.
  • Students are monitored by staff members in all areas of the building and on the playgrounds.
  • Outside of traveling with their class to other parts of the building, students will travel in pairs when leaving their class independently to go to the restroom, clinic, or front office.
  • Staff are strategically stationed all around our building and campus to ensure students arrive and depart safely from school.
  • Our administrative team, custodial staff, and school resource officers make periodic rounds throughout the school day and walk the campus to conduct safety checks.
  • In the event of an emergency, we will communicate with all parents via School Messenger. Please ensure you are connected and signed up on your mobile phone. It is important that parents read all text messages from the school thoroughly and follow next steps as outlined.
  • In addition, safe school procedures, emergency drills, cafeteria procedures/expectations, and dismissal protocols are reviewed regularly with the students. Students  also receive a comprehensive presentation on the Code of Student Conduct and the DCSD Bullying/Harassment policy. 



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